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PV Flow
POLYTEDA provides a suite of EDA tools for physical verification.
The One-Shot technology makes up the core of PV. POLYTEDA performs DRC, LVS, XOR, DIFF, FILL, RCX and text-based OPC operations – a full suite of physical verification capabilities. Within POLYTEDA the combination of One-Shot technology, multi-CPU processing and the PWRL language (a powerful rule language) deliver a complete physical verification suite.
One-Shot processing uses a window to check all layers in the window simultaneously
Introducing the One-Shot DRC Engine

The One-Shot DRC technology is a proprietary architectural innovation in DRC processing that is the heart of the PowerDRC/LVS engine, the foundation of POLYTEDA`s solution for physical verification. One-Shot delivers a natively flat solution to physical verification as opposed to the hierarchical solutions employed by most other PV tools. One-Shot uses a window-based capability to verify a block of the layout, including all layers, and processesthe rules associated with them simultaneously. The windowing approach enables memory efficient processing and the size of the window can be controlled by the designer. Because the window size is known and performance per unit area is linear, runtimes are highly predictable. Runtime performance and capacity can be further accelerated by scaling to multiple CPUs.
The technologies supported include almost any CMOS, BiCMOS
or other silicon-based processesfrom microns down to 32nm. Ideal design applications include digital logic, analog mixed-signal, memory, silicon photonics, image sensors, rad-hard, and power management.